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From: James Higgins
Date: 2001-04-04 17:50:00 UTC
Subject: Infection in new ferret

I just received a new rescue, no name, no information, just
left in a box with a note that said please take care of my
ferret. Here are some pictures of what I found. Can someone
please give me some ideas. I have started it on Albon as that
is all I have on hand right now and will get it to the vet
first thing tomorrow but would like an idea of what to ask her
to look for.

You can see the green puss inside the opening.

He seems to be uranating ok but it is discolored with puss and

The infection is so bad it can be smelled across the room.

The mass is rather hard and does not seem to be causing him
any pain.
Please e-mail me directly if possible and as soon as you can.
If there is something I can do for him tonight then I want to
do it. Thanks JD and the ferret Patrol/Widget's Halfway House

Attachment 27k (image/jpeg) infection 1e.JPG

Attachment 20k (image/jpeg) infection 2e.JPG

Attachment 24k (image/jpeg) infection 3e.JPG

Attachment 16k (image/jpeg) infection 4e.JPG