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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-04-04 18:24:00 UTC
Subject: RE: islet cell carcinoma

As Dr. Murray mentioned, you can check my Adrenal/Insulinoma
website at but quite honestly,
there's not nearly as much insulinoma information on the site
as there is adrenal disease info. There just aren't that many
medical options to deal with insulinoma. And none of them
provide a cure.

BUT, the options that are available can provide him with a
good quality of life for quite some time to come in most
cases. One of mine was initially diagnosed three years ago
and he has done quite well and he never had surgery for this
problem. Your vet's 18 month figure is a fair estimate,
though it most certainly could be longer or, unfortunately,
not that long.


Obviously, this was not the results I had hoped for. She
said prognosis could be as great as 18 months, it just
depends on how quickly they regrow. She said that there are
more than likely a number of microscopic tumors remaining
that she couldn't see and couldn't remove that will
eventually grow.
I'm upset and scared for him. Can anyone please tell me if
they've had any type of experience with this kind of cancer,
send me a website, or resource to read more about it, give
me an idea of what to expect on these upcoming months, and
let me know the likelihood of him being okay and
comfortable? Is there any chance that she removed all of
the cancer from him or am I just really hoping too much?
Also, is this a form of lymphoma