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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-04-04 21:43:00 UTC
Subject: autoimmune hemolytic anemia

to the vets: how many cases of AIHA have you seen? and how
did you confirm the diagnosis? i would appreciate both a
highly technical answer if you have some data available (to
share with my vet) and a translated version for little old me
to understand. :) oh - and have you ever successfully
treated this condition? perhaps i should invite you to
mention what exactly you call of my vets
treated a critter for about 2 months before the owners took
him elsewhere for euthanization - so no real data on the
actual "outcome" there. understanding to date is that this condition is
exceedingly rare. could you offer any possible cause for two
ferrets in the home to be afflicted with this condition within
two weeks of each other? FYI: we puzzled for weeks over what
the critters could possibly "have gotten into"...antifreeze,
cleaning agents, rat poison, mothballs, etc. were ruled out
(unless we missed some secret ingredient in a typical
household cleaner that could cause such a thing).