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Date: 2001-04-04 17:56:00 UTC
Subject: Medical Question/Ferret


This evening I bought home a 8 wk old ferret. I work in a petstore a couple
of days a week. I have not been to work the past 2 days. I have 4 ferts of
my own. I noticed a ferret not using a corner in the pen. To me that's
unusual. Being the only one working the floor. I did not think anything was
all that bad. Maybe one didn't want to use the corner. While cleaning the
pens at the end of the day. I will handle each fert. I look at this fert
and looked at her bottom. She had a bulge like an acorn at the end of her
rectum. Defecation was trying to come out, but wouldn't. Being the end of
the day with a new assistant manager. I showed him. He said take her home.
I tried to message the area before I bought her home. Some boo came out, not
much. She tried to go also. But, she still ate. She would cry a little
when she tried to go boo. I phone a lady that I know who runs a ferret
shelter. I told her I would take her home. I decided to put the ferret in
some warm water. She booed and a lot came out. I dried her and put her in
an extra cage. With soft covers and towels. I gave her some ferretlax. She
was not hungry at the time. She went to sleep after the ordeal. She just
woke up went to the corner of the cage and booed. A healthy boo. A little
cry of discomfort. Not a lot. She played with the hanging toys in the cage.
I looked at the area. It is swollen. Not as much as before. Red and
inflammed. A little of boo still hanging in the area. The area looks
somewhat better than at the store. I will be contacting the District Manager
of the store for information on how to get her to the vet. In the meantime,
is there any advise. Her spirit is up. My 4 are keeping her company by
climbing on and around the cage. I would like to see her actually eat and
drink. I will be monitoring her the rest of the evening until morning. I
have 8 hours until the store opens to make the phone calls.

If anyone could please give me some information on how to help her before I
can get her to the vet. Please feel free.

Thank You,
Booker and the Gang