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From: Maggie's Farm
Date: 2001-04-04 23:02:00 UTC
Subject: Necropsy

One thing I have started doing with all my animals as they pass on is
allowing my vet, on her wish only, to do whatever exams she would like to
do. I rarely request a necropsy myself, and I do have all of mine cremated
(they are interred in a hand made one of kind ceramic jar with lid.
altogether. Keeping the business together).

Anyway, I told her long ago that anytime she wishes to open up one of the
babies and examine, for her own education etc, she is free to do so. I feel
it is just another way for her to get experience.

She also often invites students when one of mine has a surgery. She knows I
don't mind and it gives 3-4 vets to be experience.

I put this out just as something for everyone to think about.