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Date: 2001-04-04 23:14:00 UTC
Subject: Dr. Williams and infected ferret

I couldn't sleep worring about this little guy. I got up, fed him
about 30ccs of duck soupe and noticed he was covered in fleas. While
giving him a bath in warm soapy water the hole in the swollen area
startd emmiting globs of dried blood filled with tiny white dots. I
have no idea just what they wer but looked like magot larve to me. I
started softly and gently squeezing it and more and more of this
stuff came out. The hole got larger and more warm water started going
in. It took quit some time but it finally started running with just a
light pink cast from fresh blood that was leaking from inside. While
the mass is still the same size and solid on the outside it now seems
to be hollow on the inside and is draining rather nicely now. I was
afraid to put anything in it like perxoide or anti=biotic onitment as
he will be going to the vet first thing in the AM. I have never seen
something like this drain in this manner. I thought I was going to
get sick myself as this stuff just seemed to keep coming. The smell
is now almost non existant so I feel that I have gotten most of the
real nasty stuff out of him. His fleas are gone, he ate aout 30 more
ccs of duck soupe of the adventure. His ears have been cleaned, nails
clipped, hair combed he is looking and smelling much better already.
He also has a bald spot between his shoulders and on top of his head.
His tail hair is rather sparse from the midde down to the tip but I
am attributing this to fleas and not adrenal I hope. He is now
resting comfortablely in a clean warm cage with what seems to be a
very happy content smile on his face. I will follow up tomorrow after
vet visit. Thank you so much for your help as I think cleaning him up
and draining this thing has made him feel so much better.