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Date: 2001-04-05 01:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Pyometra, question for vet

Hi Jerry,
Thanks for your reply. The hob in question lives outdoors, while the
jill (Shira) is kept indoors. So she started her season about a month
earlier than she would have outside. That's why the hob wasn't quite
ready. Shira's vulva did get smaller, but not as small as I would
expect. I've seen this before on pseudopregnant jills that didn't
actually mated, and once in a ferret which had an ovarian cyst. That
jill never went completely out of season despite being covered by a
vasectomized male on several occasions.
Shira have lived outside all her life until January this year when I
moved her indoors. Her vulva started to enlarged after three days,
but it took two months before she was fully in season and could be
bred. Maybe this and her age made her more susceptible to pyometra?

How does one know if the cervix is open or closed? If it is open and
Lutalyse is an option, should I wait two more weeks to be sure Shira
isn't pregnant? The vet couldn't see any fetuses, but I don't think
she completely ruled out the possibility of a pregnancy.
Is Baytril and/or Clavamox a better choice of antibiotics than
Terramycin? (I suppose Terramycin isn't that good if she really is