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Date: 2001-02-25 23:19:00 UTC
Subject: New to List...

Hi gang,

Some of you may remember me... Betty and Her Blur O'Fur fromthe FML... I've been away for few months, but it looks like it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.
I followed Bruce... can't go a day without the words from Dr. Williams. Glad to see I didn't lose him all together. (Hi Dr. Williams!) Anyway, just trying to
make a reconnection to the ferret groups and learning how to post a different way... this is kinda weird, but I hope to get back in to the swing of things soon.

Anyhow, I'm at 19 ferrets and loving it. Spaz, my cutaneous lymphomasarcoma boy has now survived one more year since I adopted him last January (2000).
Spaz went through a number of surgeries last year including 2 to remove the lymphoma on his side, 1 mass cell tumor removal, and left adrenalectomy. At
well over 7 and a half years old, he is a shining example of a ferret who does not give up. Since he won't, I can't either. All was going pretty smoothly until a
month after his adrenalectomy. His front paw started to show signs of redness and swelling... and then it moved to his other feet, and to his ears as well. It's
hard to think about losing him after all we have gone through with him, but I haven't given up all hope just yet. I have started treated Spaz with homeopathic
type remedies and so far his energy is increasing, the swelling and redness has gone down in three of four of his paws. He is growoing new hair finally, and
his ears are clearing up. Yesterday I noticed that for the first time in about 6 months his nails have started to grow again, and the black/brown goo oozing from
his nailbeds is lessening. I know I have to take it all in stride... it could mean improvement, but it could also be a temporary growth spurt that means absolutely

Anyway, this is just a update for those that remember Spaz and his condition.

Betty and Her Blur O'Fur