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From: Long, Katharine
Date: 2001-04-05 07:21:00 UTC
Subject: Disinfecting

Several have responded to the disinfecting question. I recently posted that
I use a 1:10 (bleach:water) spray solution for disinfecting my wildlife
cages, etc. I also use this same solution on the ferrets' cages, litter
boxes, etc. You should clean and rinse thoroughly first, then spray with
the bleach solution, then dry in the sun. The sun will cause the chlorine
to evaporate and no rinsing is required. Someone on this list advised to
rinse, though my understanding it that all the toxic/harmful stuff will
evaporate if the item is dried in the sun (this is why chlorine has to
constantly be added to swimming evaporates). I DO rinse because
I'm paranoid <g> and then again air dry in the sun. For food dishes and
water bottles, you can rinse in the same strength solution. I usually just
wash them well, barring any active diseases going on.

One of the vets on this List (sorry, can't remember who) responded that a
1:32 solution is adequate. I will stick to the 1:10 as that's what I was
taught with my wildlife rehab training (and it certainly can't hurt).

The other thing I mentioned was to make sure you are getting a bleach with
disinfecting properties. Many do NOT say "Disinfects" on the label. This
may only be the result of them not doing all the required testing to make
this claim. Many discount bleaches have a lower percentage of the active
ingredient (hydrochloride? I'm not at home to look at my bleach bottle).
For these reasons, I ONLY buy original Clorox. I do not buy discount brands
and I do not buy the Clorox fancy stuff. It doesn't matter to most people
since most people buy bleaches to whiten, not disinfect. Just make sure you
are buying what you think you are. It's not worth saving a few pennies.

There are some parasites, worms, etc. that will not be destroyed by bleach
but that is not something we would concern ourselves with our ferrets.
Well, perhaps ADV??? I did use the same 1:10 bleach when we were active
with ECE.