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Date: 2001-04-05 09:29:00 UTC
Subject: Coccidia


I bought home a sick little 8 wk old fert. I work a couple days a week at a
petstore. Starting my week of yesterday. I saw a fert that was having
difficulty going to the bathroom. I bought her home to render a little aid.
She was also in pain. I took her first thing to the vet. I had kept her
separated from mine. The vet stated she was positive for coccidia.

They prescribed her some albon and Sub-Q. I am trying to get her to eat
some food. The vet mentioned to get her to eat some high calorie foods. I
am sure I can convince her to eat. I would like to know more on this
subject. So far the other ferrets have not had these symptoms. I decided to
keep her home with me. So I could monitor her. Others at work are not ones
to be trusting when it comes to anything.

Any further information would be very helpful. My four are very healthy.
They are unable to be around the baby. She justs wants to sleep. Should I
let her sleep? Should I put her on a feeding schedule. I usually wake up
and check everyone to make sure they are okay during the night. They have
their own room. Crazy as it seems it relaxes me to see them sleep.

Thank you,
Booker and the Gang