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From: Laura Martinez
Date: 2001-04-05 13:44:00 UTC
Subject: Recent Lymphoma diagnosis

I just got some horrible news about my 6 year old baby Gatsby, and I'm not doing very well with it. I was wondering if people who have been in similar situations could pass on their experiences.

Gatsby was diagnosed with lymphoma today, based on a a biopsy of a tumor on a lymph node. As of 1/31/01, when she had a unilateral adrenalectory, she did not have this tumor on her lymph node. She has been previously diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, as have two of my other ferrets (5 year and 3 year olds). While I am heartbroken to learn that Gatsby has been diagnosed with this disease, I am more terrified that the other two ferrets will also get lymphoma, based on the virus that causes IBD being a causative agent for lymphoma. I am also frightened of my six month old ferret getting the virus that causes IBD, effectively rendering me with four ferrets with lymphoma.

Does anyone have any advice or experiences they can share on lymphoma and IBD?


Laura Martinez