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Date: 2001-04-05 15:32:00 UTC
Subject: New ferret with diarrhea

I just got a new ferret (Gunther) March 18. April 2 I noticed he had
birdseedy stools,not formed the greatest but not diarrhea. He acts fine,
playing and curious, but he seems to be off his food a little, only
eating about half what he used to. Now for the history. May 8, 2000, I
had my ferret Darby put to sleep. About a month earlier I had bought 2
new ferrets and after a week or so I started putting them together with
my original 2. Darby fought with them quite badly and a week or so later
all 4 came down with diarrhea, Darby the worst. It was like water, it
smelled badly and was yellow at first. Took them to the vet, was told to
give them Flagl and Amoxi. The Flagl went over like a lead balloon,
Darby pawed and foamed at the mouth with it. Next we tried Bene-Bac
witch didn't help,during this time Darby stopped eating. I force fed him
Ferretvite what I could but he also started grinding his teeth. I
finally took him to the vet and told them to take him and give the
medicines and feed him, he was getting worse with me. They did some
blood test ( I can't remember what) and said I think that his liver
enzymes were about 500, a couple days later they did it again and it had
went up to about 700 or 800. Then the vet said she thought he was blind,
he definately wasn't when he was home. Vet told us she thought Darby had
liver cancer so he was put to sleep, he had lost over half his body
weight by then. I had looked up ECE but the vet didn't seem to want to
listen to me or didn't think it was that. My question is does this sound
like ECE and if it does could my new one be getting it or is it stress
thats causing the birdseed poop and smaller appetite. Remember it's been
11months since I thought my other ferrets had it!