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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-04-05 16:35:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Necropsy

>One thing I have started doing with all my animals as they pass on is
>allowing my vet, on her wish only, to do whatever exams she would like to
>do. I rarely request a necropsy myself, and I do have all of mine cremated
>(they are interred in a hand made one of kind ceramic jar with lid.
>altogether. Keeping the business together).
>Anyway, I told her long ago that anytime she wishes to open up one of the
>babies and examine, for her own education etc, she is free to do so. I feel
>it is just another way for her to get experience.
>She also often invites students when one of mine has a surgery. She knows I
>don't mind and it gives 3-4 vets to be experience.
>I put this out just as something for everyone to think about.

We are the same way. Necropsies achieve multiple good results: they
sometimes find the cause of a problem which may pose an immediate
threat to other ferrets in the household (and one case was mentioned
in the FML where a high carbon monoxide -- or perhaps it was carbon
dioxide; can't recall -- problem was suspected due to a necropsy,
also helping the health of non-ferret residents when a crack from a
closet to a communal garage was found). It helps the vets spot
variations that normally would not be seen, if memory serves.) It
gives an idea of when silent cases of some disorders may occur. It
helps train others who are not used to ferrets. The list could go
on. We have high regard for necropsies when the vet is interested.

Do know, though, that you need to let the vet know that this is fine
by you; some people are upset enough by the concept that there are
vets who are loath to suggest the approach.