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From: Erin Simkins
Date: 2001-04-05 16:03:00 UTC
Subject: Complete Renal Failure

I posted on here several times about my ferret Mondo who was
suffering from kidney failure. He took a turn for the worse last
night. Even sub-q fluids wouldn't help.

I helped him cross the rainbow bridge around 11:20 or so this
morning. I've never had to make that decision (only the 2nd time
I've lost a ferret). It was so hard but I'm glad he is peaceful now.
I know I made the right decision. It still hurts like hell! All of
a sudden, he just looked like he needed to go. We had a WONDERFUL
night this past Monday... He jumped and played and chased me. He
rarely did this when he was healthy! I'm glad he gave me one last
hurrah before having to go. It's nice to know that I'll always have
those memories of him before he passed.

I'm glad I spent my last 7 nights sleeping on the floor with him. He
gave me more than I could have ever asked for, and he gave it with
pure free-flowing love. In return, the best thing I could give him
was peace and pain-free eternal rest.

I asked for the vet to give him a numbing shot so the final shot
wouldn't hurt. They used ketamine. He jumped a little (stung
maybe?) but everything else went very peacefully. After reading
everything about ferret tail's poofing out at the 'end', his did
also. Had I not read about that in forums like this, I think I might
have freaked. I'm glad I knew better.

Thank you for everyone's kind suggestions and medical help. It's my
pain I wish I could numb now. Sorry for the length.

I miss you Mondo... my love to you always. Hugs and fert-kisses to
the other sick fuzzies out there.