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From: Parathalyn Doxyl
Date: 2001-04-05 16:40:00 UTC
Subject: Should I take him back?

Well, I just adopted three ferrets from a shelter (my last ferret
passed away a few months ago). Everything is somewhat going good,
except for Copernicus (he has had both adrenals removed, but was
otherwise in good health). He's had diarrhea ever since I brought
him home and I think he had diarrhea while at the shelter. He
started picking on one of the girls for the first few days. I took
him to the vet (everyone went for their first check-up) and the vet
couldn't get a fecal out of him to see what's up with the diarrhea.
The vet also told me that he has bad teeth for a 2 year old (makes me
question the shelter's info) and needs a $100 cleaning asap. Beyond
that, now the two girls are ignoring him and pushing him away from
the food dish while he's eating. I started feeding him outside the
cage and he's making a gumming sound while eating (strange). He
won't let me check his mouth and won't go to the litter pan while I'm
in the room. I'm still finding diarrhea in the pan, but I'm no
longer sure if it's his.

I don't want to take him back, but I only have a week left to decide
and get a refund. He got along with the other two and was healthy
during the times I visited him at the shelter, but now he's gotten
really strange.

Does anybody know what's going on with this ferret and whether I can
do something so I won't have to take him back?