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From: Pam Sessoms
Date: 2001-04-05 13:19:00 UTC
Subject: MODERATOR: message in files area

[ *** For one of our esteemed moderators: I stumbled across the following
message in the Files area while updating the acronyms list (AIHA). I sent
them a private message with the list e-mail addy in case they hadn't also
sent this to the list yet, but it sounds really serious so wanted to bring
it to someone "official"'s attention as well... Ignore me if they've
already sent it to the list and it's just awaiting the next batch of
approvals. -Pam S. ]

sick 6 mo. old
gained weight, threw up

Uploaded today (4/5/01) by jonpiere

all the blood tests results are through the roof, Every result is above
normal (ex. glucose, cholestoral, etc.) His thyroid is fine, he was
depressed and lying around for about a month. The vet put his on 2
different medications (one after the other) to treat a cold. He has a
rash under his neck which seems to be spreading. He is at the vet now
being tested for cushins- if he has this they say he has to have a adrenal
gland removed. Please help with any information and help you can
provide. We love him very much, also all his lymph nodes are extremely
swollen. Please respond to lillaper@a...