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From: katharine
Date: 2001-04-05 17:35:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Disinfecting

slinky@t... wrote:
<Also a chemist friend of mine has stated that all store brand bleaches and Clorax
can stand side by side as far as what they are made of including strength. So, you can by the store
brand and not worry.<

That is absolutely NOT correct! You can see for yourself if you look at different bleach bottles in
the store. The % of active ingredients runs from about 4.5% up to around 6%. That would make a
difference in strength.

<I would make response that one should not use Ultra Bleach with ferrets as it leaves a residue of
lye in it on the surface that can be harmful to the ferrets skin. <

Please share what the active ingredient is that contains lye so that we can watch for that. Does
this include any brand that says "ultra"? I thought ultra just meant a higher percentage of active
ingredients. If you rinse the item, is the lye residue still there? Sound like we need a chemist
on the list now <g>.

I am home now and checked my bleach bottle. It is Ultra Clorox. I bought it when I didn't see the
regular Clorox. It is 6% Sodium Hypochlorite and 94% Inert Ingredients. It says "Cleans"
"Disinfects" "Removes Stains". It also says you can use 3/4 cup in the laundry instead of 1 cup of
the regular stuff. (See my note above about my understanding of what "ultra" means) Is this the
same active ingredient ias regular Clorox? I don't have a bottle of that to look at. I do remember
that the regular Clorox has 5% of the active ingredient. I have seen "store" brands that are

There is an 800 number on the bottle (800-292-2200). Maybe I'll call them and ask about the lye