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From: Flemming Farms
Date: 2001-04-05 17:44:00 UTC
Subject: Re:

> From: "Shirley Hewett" <smhewett@b...>
> Subject: Ferrets in West Oz
> To Jerry Murray & Amy Flemming,
> I can only echo what Amy (Hi Amy!) wrote about ferrets in Western
> Australia except for the desexing bit. It may have been a typo which
> gave the impression that females are not sterilised at 6 months to a year
> when the reverse is true.

Sigh. I went back and re-read. Was supposed to be "now" instead of "not".
That is what happens when you type when you are tired . . .

> It appears that lymphosarcoma is out and about here and I have a few
> reports testifying to the fact. How prevalent it is however, remains to
be seen.

Sigh . . .

> A committee member has recently returned from South Australia where she
> with members of the South Australian Ferret Association who told her that
> cancer was becoming a problem.

lol . . . I was *just* reading about Tracy's visit in SAFA's newsletter!

> Amy, I would be interested to hear about the 2 adrenal cases you know
> of, eg diet, where housed etc, if you can find out.

One I know of from my vet. The other I know of from the owner and my vet.
That one was a jill that had been used for breeding - excessively (2 or 3
litters a year - and the breeder is still breeding several litters per jill
a year. Just saw an add from the breeder in last week's Quokka.) She
started to bald. The breeder said they were going to bash the jill over the
head and a person stepped forward and took her home. This is when I first
saw her. She was taken to the owner's then current vet and was told they
were not sure of the cause. Come winter, her fur grew back. Come spring
she lost it. She was an older ferret - 6 or so. The breeder kept her
outdoors and fed her crap. The new owner kept her indoors (with romps
outdoors in nice weather) and fed good biscuits and raw meats. I am not
sure about any offspring the jill produced.

> Interesting point about ADV! Brings to mind how New Zealand was
> to be free of ADV until recently, although given the "sociability" of Oz
ferrets, eg
> hunting, going to shows & races, visiting friends and boarding, I would
expect that
> there would be more sign of it, if indeed it was in the country.

If I can organise some tests to be sent over (some of the new "instant"
tests) - would WAFFS be interested in testing member's ferrets at some
meetings, etc? Talk to the committee and let me know.


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