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From: Laura and Vince Martinez
Date: 2001-04-05 18:10:00 UTC
Subject: Recent Lymphoma diagnosis--clarification

I wanted to clarify something I said earlier in the day. I apologize for
not saying this the first time--I was trying to get the note typed without
bursting into a fresh round of tears. But when I reread my post I saw
something I knew wasn't right:

>I am more terrified that the other two ferrets will also get lymphoma,
based on the virus that >causes IBD being a causative agent for lymphoma. I
am also frightened of my six month old ferret >getting the virus that
causes IBD, effectively rendering me with four ferrets with lymphoma.

My vet has expressly said on numerous occasions that they **suspect** the
virus that causes IBD can lead to lymphoma. I did not mean to imply that it
was a proven causative agent. Sorry for any misunderstandings it may have

Laura Martinez