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From: Bonnie
Date: 2001-04-05 19:11:00 UTC
Subject: FNA of Spleen, Phreddie

Our 2 1/2 year old Phreddie had a cyst removed from his leg on
Tuesday and while he was under, our vet took a needle aspirate from
his spleen (this week was the first time she had noticed that his
spleen was enlarged and she thought it was huge). She wanted to do
this because our oldest boy, Ziggy, has had an enlarged spleen since
we can remember and we never knew why - basically we wanted to know
what an aspirate might show us. So in the interests of learning ...

Following is the Cytology Report. May I please have a translation as
well as comments. I will pass any information along to my vet who is
a great personal friend, not overly knowledgeable about ferrets but
willing to learn some stuff and let us go to someone more specialized
when she feels out of her league.

DESCRIPTION: The two submitted slides have a very heavy background
of peripheral blood with numerous platelets present indicating
iatrogenic hemorrhage. The sample is very cellular and although cell
preservation is poor due to the blood contamination, large numbers of
hematopoietic precursors can be identified. Most are erythroid and
myeloid precursor, but several megakaryocytes are also seen. There
may also be increased numbers of lymphocytes, but this is difficult
to determine due to distortion of the cells.


COMMENTS: The large hematopoietic population is compatible with
extramedullary hematopoiesis, which is usually a response to
peripheral anemia or compromised bone marrow function. The sample is
not compatible with lymphoma at this time, but reassessment of the
spleen may be warranted if splenomegaly persists.

End of Report.

Thanks for this and for all the other information so freely given by
the people on this list. Kind of makes you think there's hope for
mankind, doesn't it?

Bonnie & Nigel
with Poppy & Ziggy & Phreddie
and soon to have Roxie, Rosie & Cameron George