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Date: 2001-04-05 15:16:00 UTC
Subject: ECE

I bought a baby ferret that came from Marshall Farms about two
months ago.
When I brought him home his health slowly decreased and I finally
found out
he had Proliferative Bowel Disease because of ECE. He pooped bright
green for
awhile and I had to force feed him and give him medicine. Anyway,
now he is
fine and the other ferrets never had anything worse than a few green
My question is, sometimes the others poop green but still seem fine.
Should I
be worried about the others suddenly getting very ill, and should I
worried about the little guy that was severly ill before getting
sick again??
Also, is it true that I can give ECE to other ferrets by just
coming in
contact with them and if this is true, how long do I have to wait
before I
can hold and play with other peoples ferrets? Thank you very much
everyones help.

Molly and her babies Chewey, Rambo, and the baby