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From: Regina Harrison
Date: 2001-02-26 02:01:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Go to the polls

From: "Christopher" <christopher@b...>

>I do find it encouraging that we've only had one "what's ADV?" That is
> >what I was actually looking for when I set it up. I am blown away to
> >know that Half of us have never tested.

I am one in the never tested category, although as an FML subscriber I have
certainly been aware of ADV for some time. My reasoning in not testing is
that my ferrets have had little to no contact with other ferrets in their
lives, and for the last three years or so no contact with other ferrets, not
even my housemate's ferrets. I might be living in a bubble, but my thinking
was that since they came with me from Canada several years ago and ADV
appears to have broken out in the US first, it's extremely unlikely that
they would have it, and if they did, it's very unlikely they would give it
to other ferrets*. So, I think that my decision not to test is a
thought-out one, and not the equivalent of sticking my head in the sand
because I don't want to know. Hopefully this makes you all feel a little
better about that high number who do not test. Conversely, if I'm not
making sense, please tell me...

However, any ferrets I own in the future will be tested, because now I can't
feel that there's really guaranteed clean sources here, what with possible
contamination from so many sources. I recognize that it's the responsible
thing to do.

*I've been so ECE-phobic since moving to the US that I don't touch other
ferrets at all, no matter how cute or friendly they are.


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