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Date: 2001-04-05 19:25:00 UTC
Subject: Infection in new ferret

Last night I drained the site as well as I could using warm water and
soft clothes. This morning it was taken to the vet and will be
spending the weekend. Blood work will be done and a biopsy taken. If
it is cancer then it be beyond our control and the decision will have
been made. If it is begine then we will weigh our options and work
from there. Even if treatable we are looking at major surgery and
expense which will all have to be considered in making the decision.
The ferret (named Rough C because of the Rough Condition he is in)
is upwards of at least five maybe even seven years old. While seemly
in good health other then the tumor it remains to be seen just what
the outcome will be. Thanks to Dr. Williams for the much needed
advice and we will let anyone interested know of the outcome. JD and
the Ferret Patrol/Widget's Halfway House