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From: Alexis & Jason Thonen
Date: 2001-02-26 02:20:00 UTC
Subject: limp ferret

last night, I went to pick zoe up from the cage, and when I got her, she was
completely limp. I shook her lightly with no response. I placed her on the
floor where she just lay there. I tried to stand her up and it was like she
was dead. she had no muscle response at all, normally a sleeping ferret
will stretch or something. I could see her breathing but it seemed somewhat
slow. then all of a sudden she perked up and was fine. watched her all
evening and she was eating drinking pooping and playing fine. does anyone
have an idea what was going on, or if it is possible she was just very very
soundly asleep. we have 7 ferrets and I have never seen this happen even
with the deepest sleepers. zoe is also deaf, btw, so she couldn't hear my
frantic voice. it was terrifying.

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