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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-04-05 22:39:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Medical Question/Ferret; coccidea

>Thank u for responding. I took the kit to the vet this morning. She tested
>positive for coccidia. She had to get antibiotics and Sub-q. Before going
>into work at 4. I have to take her back for another Sub-Q. I wish it was a
>prolapse rectum. I had that with my first baby.
>I would like any information that you have on this. I looked it up in my
>Ferrets for Dummies Book. I will be looking for more than what the book
>The vet mentioned to give her more calories. My gave her a mixture of
>babyfood, ferrentive, and nutrokitten. She ate it like a charm. She's
>sleeping comfortably now. I wish she would drink more water. But, with the
>addition Sub-Q she should be okay.
>Thank you again,
>Booker and the Gang

Ah, we had one come here with that about 6 years ago. If coccidea,
because it's contagious you'll likely need to treat your entire crew
with Albon, unless there is a new hot med for it, or unless you did
one bang-up job of isolation. Ditto the kits that came with it, etc.
Albon is cheap, and if you put a dollop of Nutrical on the nose first
you can often just squirt it in the side of the mouth while the treat
is being licked off.