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From: Ulrike:-)
Date: 2001-02-26 02:30:00 UTC
Subject: Re: rimadyl

Hi Alison

Great to have a UK ferret vet on the ferret health list! I'm glad you
posted and said that you've had experience with giving Rimadyl, at least I
won't be frightened if my vets want to use it again... It's just after
reading about dogs who have gone into liver failure, I was scared that it
might happen to one of the ferrets. Hope we won't have to use that drug in
the near future anymore, I mean it's better when the ferrets stay healthy!

So Rimadyl and Metacam are used as pain killers? And they're
anti-inflammatory? They seem to have a wide range of use... Is Metacam the
better choice?

Best wishes from
and Jilly, Jack, Bella, Tom, Mason, Baby, Dana, Fox, Reno, Rose, Jasmine,
Barney, Spike, Hobo and Gremlin

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