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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-04-05 23:52:00 UTC
Subject: Re: After effects of Cryosurgery

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Amy and Jim Robbin" <amyjimr@m...>
> Hi Folks. I was speaking with a friend the other day and she
mentioned some disconcerting side effects of cryosurgery that I
wanted to throw out there for some opinions.
> I've heard of some incidents (second hand info, so I don't know
alot of details) of some ferrets bleeding out years after
Cryosurgery, possibly from some long term after effects on the Vena
Cava. Can we open the floor for discussion on the possibility of
> Amy

Dear Amy -

I wouldn't believe these stories for two reasons -

1) Healing, even of large vessels, is complete within 6 months with
total tensile strength restored. While 85% is restored within a
month due to scarring, it actually takes 6 months for full strength
in a site of previous surgery to return. There should be no problems
after two years.

2) Charlie Weiss - who was one of the first advocates of
cryosurgery, is now just approaching two years since he started. It
just hasn't been around that long.

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP
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