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Date: 2001-04-05 19:59:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] More Bizarre Ferret Behavior...

Hi Rosalie - Yes, you are right - little Neera still has the urge to suck and
Carlo's ears are the closest she can find to a nipple. I used to see this
years ago when I was in the kit from petstore mode. Sad. I currently have
an 11 week old litter and some are still nursing a bit - on mama's nipples,
not her ears <G>.

Ferrets ears are rather delicate with a poor blood supply. Nature makes them
expendable if necessary. Her sucking could cause Carlo to end up with ears
like a prize fighter who has been hit too much. Try some Bitter Apple on his
ears to discourage her. Re-apply frequently being careful not to get the
Bitter Apple in Carlo's ear canal. Neera might settle for a cheweasle or a
small pig ear (soaked to soften) or even a pacifier. If you use a pacifier,
you must check it carefully several times a day and discard if you note the
tinies wear...don't want to trade one problem for another. Good Luck.
Cheers, Meg

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rosalie5h2o@e... writes:

<< Hi Guys- My little girl, Neera, is doing the strangest thing-she literally
sucks the ears of her best cagemate, Carlo- she's been doing this until
Carlo looks as if he has "hickeys" on the edge of his ears. Usually, he
doesn't mind- but, occasionally, he gets annoyed and hides from her. She
lives w/ 3 cagemates, but, Carlo is the only one she does this to-Does
anyone know why she does this? She's a Marshall girl, and was shipped at 6
weeks old- Could weaning to young cause this?
-Rosalie & the Crazy Critters