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Date: 2001-04-06 00:12:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Diet for emaciated ferret

> They have now developed ulcers and are being treated for
> that. We are feeding a soup mixture of a/d, Dyne, Nupro vitaman
> supplement, rice cereal to thicken the soup and water. They have
> gained some weight, but was wondering if there are any suggestions
> that might help?

In 1997, a guy in this area who lived in an old bus was arrested.
Unfortunately, he left a ferret in a cage and no one noticed. Two
weeks later, the ferret was found very near death and covered in

Since hardship cases seem to be my specialty, I immediately fell in
love with this boy. Besides being starved, his packed cell volume was
17 (from the flea bites). The vet opted for no transfusion but I
syringe fed him virtually the same diet you are using. Jesse loved
the food and ate readily 4-5 times a day. After several weeks, he
still hadn't gained weight.

My vet then prescribed flagyl and digestive enzymes. I got Ferretzyme
from Pet's Friend (800-868-1009). Within 10 days, Jesse had put on
several ounces, within the month Jesse had put on 8 ounces, and by
the next month he was a beautiful *fat* boy.

I'd add the digestive enzymes. Since you are treating for ulcers, he
may already be on flagyl. If not, I'd try it.