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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-04-06 00:59:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Disinfecting

I am home now and checked my bleach bottle. It is Ultra Clorox. I
bought it when I didn't see the
regular Clorox. It is 6% Sodium Hypochlorite and 94% Inert Ingredients.
It says "Cleans"
"Disinfects" "Removes Stains". It also says you can use 3/4 cup in the
laundry instead of 1 cup of
the regular stuff. (See my note above about my understanding of what
"ultra" means) Is this the
same active ingredient ias regular Clorox? I don't have a bottle of that
to look at. I do remember
that the regular Clorox has 5% of the active ingredient. I have seen
"store" brands that are

There is an 800 number on the bottle (800-292-2200). Maybe I'll call
them and ask about the lye


I think Lye is any strong alkaline substance, used to be used to make
soap, and detergents.
Can bye any bleach solution, check the ingredients for the % of sodium
hypochlorite and if stronger than the regular CHlorox dilute to a
different solution ( you say 10:1 (10 cups water to 1 cup of bleach) for
regular clorox, then do it 12.5:1 for the ultra, and lets say 8:1 for the
store brands that are less active ingredients.

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