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From: The Divide Homeowners Assoc.
Date: 2001-04-06 01:39:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Should I take him back?

Quoting Parathalyn Doxyl <para210_99@y...>:

> Well, I just adopted three ferrets from a shelter (my
last ferret
> passed away a few months ago). Everything is
somewhat going good,
> except for Copernicus (he has had both adrenals
removed, but was
> otherwise in good health). He's had diarrhea ever
since I brought
> him home and I think he had diarrhea while at the
shelter. He
> started picking on one of the girls for the first few
days. I took
> him to the vet (everyone went for their first check-
up) and the vet
> couldn't get a fecal out of him to see what's up with
the diarrhea.
> The vet also told me that he has bad teeth for a 2
year old (makes me
> question the shelter's info) and needs a $100
cleaning asap. Beyond
> that, now the two girls are ignoring him and pushing
him away from
> the food dish while he's eating. I started feeding
him outside the
> cage and he's making a gumming sound while eating
(strange). He
> won't let me check his mouth and won't go to the
litter pan while I'm
> in the room. I'm still finding diarrhea in the pan,
but I'm no
> longer sure if it's his.
> I don't want to take him back, but I only have a week
left to decide
> and get a refund. He got along with the other two
and was healthy
> during the times I visited him at the shelter, but
now he's gotten
> really strange.
> Does anybody know what's going on with this ferret
and whether I can
> do something so I won't have to take him back?
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>Hi, my name is deidre and I am certainly not an expert
although I have been rescuing ferrets for 20 years.
Mostly, I am writing to give my support to what you are
going thru and to say that I hope things work out for
you. I believe that it would harm the ferret in more
ways than one to have to go back to the shelter. Have
you tried laxatone to get a poop sample? My wishes and
prayers are with you!

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