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Date: 2001-04-06 03:19:00 UTC
Subject: Shira's pyometra

I will have another talk with the vet today, and change Shira's
antibiotics from Terramycin to Baytril and/or Clavamox.
Thank you so much for all the advice Meg. I haven't seen any more
discharge since Wednesday, but I've only noticed a slight discharge
twice during the last four weeks. Both times it was thick,
greenish/white, not smelly. But maybe the lack of discharge means it
is a closed cervix. Is it possible that Shira cleans any discharge
away as soon as it comes out, and that's why I'm not seeing any? I
will try the hot compress later today to see if something comes out.

The palpable mass doesn't seem to get any larger, she's eating fine,
and the temperature is still normal, but I will continue to keep a
very close eye on Shira. I still hope spaying won't be necessary,
but if she deteriorates I will have it done straight away while she
is still fit for surgery. If the vet says Lutalyse is an option I
might give that a try.
I will let you know what happens.