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Date: 2001-04-06 08:41:00 UTC
Subject: Re: AIHA

> What I would be concerned with if two animals in the
> same household developed AIHA is an environmental
> source. One common toxicant of dogs to cause AHIA is
> onions and the onion family (incl. garlic).
> Medications have also been blamed such as ivermectin
> in dog getting the monthly heartworm meds. Moldy food
> may be another source. Hopefully treatment and
> finding the cause will help out this matter.
> Good Luck,
> Carla Christman, DVM

thank you, dr. christman. i find this last paragraph most
interesting. while many of my critters will do a little dance to
beguile me into giving them a piece of fruit or veggie that i might
be snacking on, i just can't recall snacking on or sharing an onion
or garlic with any of my critters. i'll have to look into that
possibility. would you have any direct data on the onion family and
ferrets? as for the meds, i forgot to mention that both critters
were definately not on any meds. could there be a delayed reaction
to a medication they might have been taking - perhaps they were on a
medication with the original owner, only to have trouble 3 months
after going off with the new owner? as for the moldy food, while i'm
sure that both critters were silly enough to try to push the food
dish under the water spigot from time to time, their dad was quite
good about keeping their areas tidy - but of course i'll ask him
about this possibility. and again, could there be a delay of 3
months if they were accustomed to moldy food with the former owner?
unfortunately this was a situation that took place last year which
took the lives of both critters with lightening speed (from just fine
to dead within 36 hours). the vet of mine that attempted to puzzle
out what was going on with the second one only (the first had been to
another vet) mentioned that ingestion of antifreeze in a dog could
cause trouble up to 3 months later... that was the only thing he
could think of. thx again!