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Date: 2001-04-06 12:37:00 UTC
Subject: Is he dying?

Someone please help us. My 1.5 yr old albino male 2 weeks ago got
very sick. He lays like a wet dishrag has not eaten or drank on his
own and is very weak. A week ago Wednesday we rushed him to the
vet. He had a fever of 103, an enlarged liver but noting else seemed
wrong. The doc prescribed Augmentin 0.25ml BID and sent us home with
the assumption that he simply had a bacterial infection and would be
getting much better soon. I began force feeding sugar water to keep
his lytes up. 2 days later with no improvement we went back to the
doc and got started on daily shots of antibiotic/anti-
inflammitories. At this time an xray was taken of his abdomen and
nothing was found other than the large liver. He also has a lot of
digested blood in his feces. Fever was gone now. We also started
offering and forcing Nutrical and continued with Pedialyte liquids.
Thor seemed to start to perk up and took his last shot on Sunday. At
this point he was even taking water for himself. By monday night
though it was back to limp and lifeless with a fever we could feel
with just our hands. Back we go to the vet who figures we just didnt
stay with the shots long enough. Still no actual diagnosis and we
are simply supporting him and seeing if he pulls through. Today we
go at 5pm MST and get another shot and possibly some SQ fluids. I
started Thor on Gerber Chicken and pedialyte again but he doesnt like
it. If you hold him up by his can see the bulge of his
liver sticking out from his side under his ribcage. This is my baby
and I am posting in the hopes that someone has been through this and
can tell me what is happening. Thor has 2 other cagemates and they
are healthy and goofy as ever. So I am left assuming Thor is really
sick and could possibly have cancer?! What should I do? I dont want
my baby to suffer but I also dont want to put him down if we can cure
Thank you
Laura Hugi