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Date: 2001-04-06 15:10:00 UTC
Subject: Questions for Bob C.- RE:Fasting and Light exposure

Hi Bob,

I am really sorry to hear about your ferrets. I remember their names
from when I first subscribed to the FML several years ago. I just
lost my oldest ferret, Gidget, two weeks ago. :-( I know this must be
a difficult time for you, so when you a moment....

I have two questions for you:

First, in a recent posting you mentioned that you periodically will
fast your ferrets for a day. I was wondering what the purpose of this
is. I thought that it only took 3-4 hours for food to be passed as

Secondly, many years ago on the FML I recall you mentioning that you
worked in near darkness at night so that your ferrets weren't exposed
to longer photoperiods than were natural. I was just wondering if it
has helped with the health of your ferrets at all? I recently read
something on Mike Janke's website
about someone that strongly supports the theory of photoperiods
affecting adrenals. I even went out and bought some red light bulbs
and overhead ultraviolet lights, but haven't used them yet.
If anyone else is practicing this theory, please feel free to respond.


Dodie in NJ