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Date: 2001-02-26 02:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Weight Loss

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Alice Barrett <alicenron@n...> wrote:
> Farrah will be 7 in June. She had a partial pancreaectomy 2 years
ago and recovered nicely from insulinoma symptoms. Now she eats less
and is losing weight, has an MST on her nose, is losing a small
amount of hair on the tip of her tail, tires quicker, occasionally
has weak legs, often bumps into things, and had reactions to her last
two vaccinations in the fall.
> However, she still has a happy little bounce to her gait, has a
normal vulva, and doesn't appear insulinomic. I would like to take
her to the vet with some guidance beforehand if possible. We have a
wonderful vet who loves ferrets and appreciates new information.
> Alice Barrett>

Hi Alice,

Mike was right about the possibility of the insulinoma coming usually does. From what you've described, Farrah could
also be having liver problems now. It isn't unusual for the cancer
(which insulinoma tumors usually are) to spread to the liver.
Hepatic lipodosis can cause disorientation, but please also ask your
vet to check her eyes closely. She may have catarracts or, if the
reaction to her last vaccination was severe enough, she may now be
blind. One of my ferrets almost died getting her last vaccination
when she was 5 1/2. Her reaction was so bad, we believe it burst the
blood vessels behind her eyes. She was blind after that and it took
a while for her to figure out where things were again.

I'm certainly not a vet, but if I were in your place, I would have
ask your vet to check her glucose level and do a complete blood work
up and urinalysis. I would also stop giving her any vaccinations. I
have been told by a ferret knowledgeable vet that after 5 years,
there is enough of a build up in their system to protect them for the
rest of their life. Also, sometimes, if they have a "mild reaction"
one year, the next one will be worse.

I would also ask your vet about starting her on pediapred, if she
isn't on it already.

Again, I'm not a vet...this is all based on my own personal
experiences with my fur kids.

Please let us know what you find out.

Please give to Aleutian Disease research. The ferret you save may be
your own.