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Date: 2001-04-06 15:32:00 UTC
Subject: Re: new ferret with diarrhea

Thanks Dr. Williams and Dr. Murray for your replys. When you said you
thought it sounded like ECE it put my mind at rest about Darby(one who
died). I had always wondered what had really been wrong with him. I
don't think my vet really knew what ECE is and they said when Darby was
put to sleep they really didn't know what was wrong with him, guessed
liver cancer! They don't see many ferrets and do hardly any surgerys
besides fixing. Now when I have a problem with one of the ferrets I have
found a vet that sees a lot of ferrets and knows how to do adrenal
surgery to. I have to travel a lot farther to get to the new vet but I
am very happy with them so far. Gunther(new ferret) is still acting good
and eating. I've started feeding him a little chicken baby food besides
his regular food and hopefully he'll get over this with no problems! Now
I have to worry about another new one, Maggie. I got her a week afterr I
got Gunther, I sure hope she has had it before because she is about 5 or
6 yrs. and I've heard ECE is harder on older ones! Wish me luck!
Thanks, Jenny