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Date: 2001-04-06 13:27:00 UTC
Subject: kidney cysts persist

As usual Dr. Williams...thank you so much for the prompt reply on my first go
I have some new info and am in need of still more opinion...I may have sent
this to you several weeks ago, but then again not...senior moments and all,
so if you could take a look at this I would appreciate it! So would Brando.

My fault for not mentioning that the condition is bi-lateral in nature,
although the right kidney has numerous small cysts that have remained
unchanged (plain xray) with 6 month comparison films. We do not have
ultrasound available in our rural area.

Our Q is: how can our vet distinguish simple renal cycts from PCK ? BUN and
creatinine are normal, no polydipsia or untoward lethargy. We have done one
exploratory lap and 2 percutaneous drainages about 30 days apart. In light
of the right renal cysts, we are hesitant to consider a left nephrectomy
until we have a certain diagnosis. Is it possible to pathologically
determine if the nature of the aspirate (about 20 cc each time) from the
large left renal cyst is urine or serous. If the aspirate is not urine (re:
your concern about peritonitsis), is it possible to do a small wedge
resection of the recurrent left cyst? Will others arise to express

Note as of 4/6: It appears that the cyst is refilling since the last
draining and is growing in size...I can just palpate and feel it.

Thanks again

putorius and the 11