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Date: 2001-04-06 13:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 104

Hello, My Question is for Bob Church,
My girlfriend and I have been making Chicken Gravy for about a year now. We
did try to grind the raw chicken through a hand grinder and I'll just say it
didn't work and leave it at that! We now cook the chicken in a pressure
cooker, then grind the chicken with the rest of the recipe through an
electric grinder we bought from the Northern Tool Company. Then we decided it
was still too lumpy, so we then put it though a food processor. We were happy
with the results, except for the egg shells. There were still, what we felt,
some large pieces of shells and we weren't sure if they were good for the
ferrets. Then we hit on the idea of washing and drying the shells, then
grinding them though a coffee grinder before putting them in with the recipe.
The coffee grinder ground them to a fine powder, so that eliminated that
problem. Now I'm wondering if "all that grinding" is good? Other than perhaps
to help with hairballs, is there any problem with making a very smooth gravy?
The last time we made gravy we did eliminate the food processor step, so it
was a little courser and we had no problem with the ferrets accepting this
formula. Also Bob and/or anyone else, how much of the gravy do you feed your
ferrets daily? We did notice that our ferrets are now eating much less of
their kibble. I'm wondering if we're giving them too much gravy or if there
is such a thing???
Thank you in advance for your response,
Phyllis Taber