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From: Linda Decelles
Date: 2001-04-06 20:50:00 UTC
Subject: keeping ants out of the house

I know one of the lists dealt with this issue in depth at one point and I
thought I kept the information (until I went to look at it this week).
Guess I cleaned out files that I didn't mean to - DARN!!. I can't find it,
I even tried to search FHL, FOB and FML. If anyone has kept this info in a
file somewhere and can send it to me or refer me to a site with this info,
I would greatly appreciate it. We have gone from Winter to Summer in a few
weeks and the ants have started showing up. The past few years they have
found ways to enter and search out food (especially ferret and cat food)
and I want to stop this nuisance ASAP without harming the ferrets, cat and
people in the house.

Thanks for helping!

and Norman & the 7 fuzzy and sweet terrors:
Frisky, Sassy, May, Rascal, Bandit, Saint Patrick (Paddy), and Mittens
from Lawrence, KS