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Date: 2001-04-06 21:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Is he dying?


thanks for the info. I would gladly give bloodwork results if I had
any. But my vet said as long as he keeps giving Thor these
steroid/antibiotic shots everyday and Thor does get better when
taking them, he doesnt feel the need to get any blood work. Maybe I
should seek out another vet? As for it being the liver? I would bet
on it as well. I have a nursing degree and I saw the xrays as well.
If it was the spleen i would be pretty surprised. But who
isnt like Ive ever studied ferret insides before. Today Thor went
for another shot but was really angry at his isolation before that.
he even bit me when i tried to give him Nutrical. then he had the
energy to scratch at the cage and try to chew on the bars. SO
against my better judgement i let him return to his sister and step
brother for the night. He was so lonely and he has been sick for so
long and they are not even remotley ill so i assume he is probably
not contagious.
Maybe he really does just have some ulcers and he will bounce right
back....God willing.
Thanks againf or the info and support.