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From: Parathalyn Doxyl
Date: 2001-04-06 21:29:00 UTC
Subject: Do I now have 3 sick ferrets...?

See: "Should I take him back?" to get the history.

Copernicus is still having half formed diarrhea, but now the girls
have weird stools. I caught Ivory have a really watery yellowy
diarrhea this evening and when I was cleaning up after the other girl
(she goes outside the litter pan while her front paws are in the
litter pan) I noticed that her BM looked a little black/tarry. With
the exception of the bullying and Copernicus' sulking at being thrown
out of the sleeping areas and food bowl, everyone is acting fine.
They're all basicly bright eyed and bushy tailed. No sneezing, runny
noses, warm noses, vomiting, fever, or other weird symptoms. Just
weird stools. Do I now have 3 sick ferrets which need to go back to
the shelter?

I'm taking Copernicus back this weekend to have the shelter look him
over and potential keep him, but I really don't want to return all
three if this is just nothing.