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Date: 2001-04-07 10:59:00 UTC
Subject: Mass in entrance to throat

Hi - we're member #646 to the group. I want all of you to know I've
been reading along for weeks now, especially those with "weezing" in
the subject.

Our vet is excellent, we trust him extremely, and he supports the
research I do on my own through the web. He's operated on all three
of our fuzzies. Our 6 year old female went to the vet today for the
third follow-up for a breathing noise. Call it "weezing"
or "snorting" basically an "old man hack". It sounds very similiar
to a lot of posts I've read here. He had treated her with antibotics
twice, suggested a humidifier, but today he scoped her to look down
her throat. He found a "mass" and this was his conclusion:

A membraned node much like a bubble filled with parasites. It is
sitting right in front of the tissue flap that guards her trachea and
esophogas. Hense the trouble breathing and the worsening of the
condition when she eats/drinks. He gave her a shot of insectaside to
kill the parasites, and cortazone to reduce the swelling to help her
breathe a little better.

As I mentioned, this is just his hunch. If this doesn't work, he
said he'd resort to a biopsy. But it is in a very dangerous place to
biopsy because any swelling will cut off her ability to breathe. He
specializes in exotics and has seen this mainly in birds, never in a

Has anyone out there ever heard of this? We have to take her back
monday for a follow up shot of the insectaside. She acts great, is
still eating (although noisily) and plays hard with the rest of the
crew(until the hacking starts).

Naturally I'm concerned, and although we've just met I know you'll be
concerned too. Thank you for any input you might have.

Tracy & David
Brooklyn, Darby, Cassie & Stormey (RIP)