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Date: 2001-04-07 21:22:00 UTC
Subject: Callie update & ???s on lympho treatment and itchiness

Hi All ~

This is a follow-up to postings I wrote on 4/4 and 4/5. Just wanted
to update everyone on Callie, our 5 year old who just had her spleen
removed last Monday. The biopsy results came back that it is, as
suspected, lymphosarcoma. She has it in her nodes also
unfortunately. Since Callie only weighs about one pound now, we are
trying to fatten her up. If we can get some weight on her, we are
going to try a chemo protocol. We've been giving her gruel (duck
soup) and Gerber Chicken baby food. Can anyone suggest a good
treatment protocol for Callie? What is Essiac and where can I get
it? I heard it is helpful with lympho treatment.

A few more questions, please ...
Monday night after the operation, Callie was able to walk initially,
but within a few hours she progressively got worse and, by Tuesday
morning, she could only drag her back end (though her back legs do
move ~ it is as if she doesn't have the ability to lift her rear
area). She has been on 1/4 of a 5mg tablet of pred twice a day since
Tuesday. We have noticed some inprovement in her walking, but she
still has much trouble with lifting her rear. How long does the pred
take to work on helping her fully recover with this? Should she be
taking a higher dosage? Anything else help?

Also, the poor baby is so itchy ... she is constantly scratching when
she is awake. Any ideas as to why? Shouldn't the pred help this?
Can we give her benadryl?

Please, any info would be soooo appreciated. I also want to thank
Bruce Williams, Jerry Murray, Erin, Meg, Gary and Sukie for
responding to my earlier postings. It means a lot.

Thanks ~