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From: katharine
Date: 2001-04-08 07:34:00 UTC
Subject: Champ Update / Herbal Remedies

Just thought I would pass on the information that Champ (renal failure) is
still eating well two weeks after his B-12 shot. To refesh your memory,
Champ will only eat soup and only if he's in my lap. I have to start him
off with a couple of licks off my finger, then he eats on his own. He
reached a point where he would only take a few licks off my finger and no
more. In addition to the starvation concern, it made giving his sub-q
fluids very difficult. Anyway, the B-12 shot appears to have done the
trick (fingers still crossed).

I have tried to add some additional ground up kibble to his soup but he
will have nothing to do with it. He knows what I'm doing and will sling it
all over the kitchen (little brat <g>). I think when I make my next batch,
I will add more kibble. It's the kibble added after the fact he appears to
object to. And, God forbid there be a little chunk of kibble that's not
ground to dust in his soup. That is totally unacceptable to Prince Champy.

Herbals & Supplements: I see a lot of people jumping on herbal remedies
for illnesses. Please do your own research. I believe herbal remedies and
supplements have their place but don't assume the person recommending a
specific herb or supplement has done his/her homework. And, don't assume
that it's safe simply because you can go out and buy it (remember Phen Fen
(sp?)??). You need to understand the side-effects that can take place,
both good and bad, as with any medication. And, make sure that the
"remedy" is not harmful to what you're treating. I recently had someone
recommend a supplement (not herbal) for Champ for anemia, which can be a
side-effect of chronic renal failure. (Champ isn't anemic...this was for
"just in case") I think this supplement is probably very high in protein,
which is a no-no with chronic renal failure. I asked but the person never
answered that specific question. The supplement probably is excellent for
anemia but is probably awful for anemia resulting from kidney disease.
People can be very well-meaning but, what works for one ferret/illness may
be very harmful for another ferret/illness. You need to know what you're
putting into your ferret. Of course, none of this unsolicited advice
probably applies if your little one is terminal anyway.

A good "starter" herbal book is Today's Herbal Health - The Essential
Reference Guide by Louise Tenney, M.H. (Master Herbalist).

Off my soapbox now.