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From: katharine
Date: 2001-04-08 08:14:00 UTC
Subject: Disinfecting

Just sat down to read my Florida Wildlife Rehabilitators Assn. newsletter
and, lo and behold, there is an article on disinfectants. Even more
interesting is that it is recommending a new product that is manufactured
right here in Tallahassee (small world, ain't it)!!

The product is called Broad-cide, manufactured by Osceola Supply
(850-562-0292). To quote:

"It is an exciting product that is perfect for the wildlife rehabilitator,
veterinarian and laboratory. It was developed for use in hospitals and is
now moving its way into veterinary clinics. Last year the University of
Florida Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital made a switch to Broad-cide
and is now using it throughout its facility. It cleans, deodorizes and
disinfects in one easy step with no rinsing required. It is a hospital
grade formula that has been clinically tested on contagions such as HIV,
parvo, rabies, distemper, herpes, etc. The pale blue solution is pH
balanced and has a light pleasant smell so it is easy on your skin and your
nose unlike some of the other products. Dilution is only one ounce to one
gallon of water for general cleaning purposes making is very affordable (11
cents/gallon of diluted cleaning solution).

I have used all of the above mentioned products (bleach, Roccal,
Kennel-Sol, Quinticare) and prefer Broad-cide for all our cleaning and
disinfecting. Our Center has been using it for more than a year on
everything from the walls to incubators and food dishes. There isn't
anything I don't like about it, it's a great product that meets all our
needs. Osceola Supply is a small company that I have enjoyed working
with. They have been very helpful in providing me with information when I
was deciding to use their products. They respond quickly to my inquiries
and are very pleasant to deal with. The antibacterial hand soaps with aloe
they carry are great, too!"

Submitted to the FWRA Newsletter by Leslie Straub who runs a wildlife rehab
center in Gainesville, FL and is, I believe, a biologist.