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From: Jackie DeCarlo
Date: 2001-04-08 08:26:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Callie update & ???s on lympho treatment and itchiness

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What is Essiac and where can I get
> it? I heard it is helpful with lympho treatment.
Hi Lisa, so sorry that Callie is not feeling well..I will give you
the website for the Essiac that I had been using on my Taz which my
vet contribute to giving her the additional 14 months I had with her
which I may have not had if it wasn't for this..I really don't want
to give false hope but because I had such good success with it and my
vet saw for himself what it was doing for her well being along with
the Prednisone he is now telling other fuzzy parents to use it when
theirs are diagnosed with Lymphoma and other cancers as well.. I
truly believe when there is nothing medically that can be done other
methods should be tried along as it will not hurt them and cause them
anymore discomfort... here is the website and please read for
yourself and it will give you a better understanding what this herbal
formula can do... I was initally not a believer in herbal stuff until
I read about this.....

She has been on 1/4 of a 5mg tablet of pred twice a day since
> Tuesday. We have noticed some inprovement in her walking, but she
> still has much trouble with lifting her rear. How long does the
> take to work on helping her fully recover with this? Should she be
> taking a higher dosage? Anything else help?

When Taz was diagnosed with Lymphoma her first vet put her on .25
Pred 1 x day...and that was only after coaxing him to do since others
had said this was a recommended treatment...when I seeked a second
opinion he upped it to 1 ml 2 x day (20mg tablet in 20 ml of water
and this really perked her up and increased her appetite (which was
important since she didn't want to eat) . You may want to ask your
vet to increase to see what that does.

****** My total thoughts on this is since Lymphoma is terminal and
there is nothing medically that can be done why not try everything
available even if it is an herbal formula, but please remember you
have to be consistent in giving this to Callie...I faithfully gave
this to Taz for 15 months 2 x day and NEVER missed a dose... I wish
you well if you should decide to persue this method along with the
Prednisone... I just wish others would try and give their success or
failures so we can have a comparison on the effects of this.. Take
care and give Callie a huggggggg from me...
Jackie DeCarlo