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From: Debi Christy
Date: 2001-04-09 05:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: gagging ferret

"In the past 36 hours, she has eaten none of her dry
soup...she just ate 2ccs."

I have to agree with Patty on this. It sounds more like ECE than
anything else, especially with the green diarrhea.

If she's not eating kibble, she needs more than 2cc's of duck soup. I
try to get 15cc's down an ill ferret every 3-4 hours. If they won't
take that much at a time, I reduce it to 5cc's every hour.

You might try giving her 0.5cc of Emetrol about 15 minutes before
trying to give her duck soup. It's a lot of sugar, but it's better
sugar and eat than sugar and not eat.

The soup you give should have a good animal protein source. In these
cases, where a ferret will take only a small amount of food, I add
cooked egg yolk to their soup. Drops of a liquid vitamin will help.
Nutri-Cal type supplements take up too much stomach space per vitamin

In NO case should you add a lactose (milk) containing product to this
particular ferret's soup. Nor will a product containing soy protein
be of benefit. Be careful not to waste food content space on
ingredients the ferret doesn't need. What little she will eat should
be something she needs.

This ferret needs concentrated amounts of animal-based protein. But
most importantly, she needs something on her stomach on a regular
basis to prevent the complications that diet disruption can cause.

Debi Christy
Ferrets First Foster Home