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From: Renee Rider
Date: 2001-04-09 05:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: gagging ferret, more info

Someone asked if she gagged when she was given the duck soup. Thats the odd
thing. She doesn't. I've only seen it when she drinks water. And, to my
knowledge, only when she drinks water.

Somone else suggested insulinoma. The Animal Rescue Legue did a routine
vaccination and glucose test 9 days ago, and her glucose was 120.8.

ECE was suggested. Everything I read indicats that it is highly contagious,
and often by the old or sick. My 7 year old foster and the male on Lupron
are fine. The foster that came with her is okay too. If it is ECE
shouldn't they have gotten it? Their cages are right next to each other.
And, before the diahrrea started, they sniffed poop and male did the urine
tasting. Also, her poop isn't bright green any more. It was for a day, but
is now just slightly green. --With this information, does ECE still seem
like a likely answer, or remote?

I called the vet first thing when they opened today. They couldn't see her
today, so we've got an appt tomorrow.

She still acting fairly alert, and wants to be taken out of her cage.
However, she goes to sleep, instead of playing. So, instead of trying to
find another vet that we don't trust and can see her today, I'm continuing
to feed her duck soup today.