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From: Tracy Acker
Date: 2001-04-09 05:55:00 UTC
Subject: coughing, sneezing, and gagging ferret

My little EZ woke me up Sunday morning, when I heard him
coughing and almost "gasping" under the bed. His heart seemed
to be racing, his stomach was making all kinds of noises, and
he seemed very swollen in the chest/belly area. He would gag,
like he was going to vomit, but nothing would come out, and
when he swallowed he made gasping noises........
This went on for about 10 - 15 mins. I gave him some laxitone,
which he licked up, and then went to bed.........but, he was
still gasping/wheezing everytime he took a breath............
he got up then and went to the bathroom, but just a small
amount of stool came out..............he stayed like this for
about a half an hour, and then he got up, ate and nothing ever happened.

Could this just have been something as underlying as hair in
his throat? This happened once before about 6 months ago.
(the exact same way.) He is about 5 years old, a MF ferret,
and going in for adrenal surgery next month. Please let me
know if I should be checking him out for something
else............or if I should do something different if this
happens again. It was very scary.

Thank you.